[English] Information for clients

Do you need urgent help?

Call 112 immediately in a life-threatening situation. Or contact your general practitioner or the out-of-hours GP service.

Application and waiting times

Are you looking for a therapist or want to see the waiting times? Visit this page to see all our affiliated members and to register with one of them. The waiting times of the members are on their own websites.

The GGZ Coöperatie only provides therapy through its members. Therefore, you cannot register directly with The GGZ Coöperatie.

If you have questions about the waiting list or find the waiting time too long, you can always contact us, or ask your health insurer for waiting list mediation. Your health insurer can support you so that you have an introductory meeting with a care provider within 4 weeks of your first contact and that the treatment starts within 10 weeks of the intake. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times agreed upon by care providers and health insurers (the Treeknormen).

Rates and reimbursements

Therapy from The GGZ Coöperatie is covered by the basic package and is therefore also subject to the deductible.

We adhere to the rates set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority.

All our rates are listed on this Dutch page.

The GGZ Coöperatie has no contracts with health insurers.

On this Dutch page, you can find the advantages and disadvantages of working without contracts.

Do you have a so-called “restitutie policy”? Then your insurer reimburses everything. So you do not have to pay anything yourself.

Do you have a so-called “natura policy”? Then your insurer only reimburses part of our bill. This is because we do not have contracts with insurers. You can read more about working without contracts on this Dutch page.

Do you want to know exactly what reimbursement you will receive for bills from De GGZ Coöperatie, so you know how much you need to pay yourself? Then contact your insurer and ask them about it. Go to this Dutch page for our rates. There you will also find the codes with which your insurer can tell you how much you will be reimbursed. You can also register with an affiliated therapist. During the registration process, you will be informed about any additional payments.


The general conditions of The GGZ Coöperatie apply to your treatment by affiliated members. You can read our Dutch conditions here.

If you cancel an appointment with your therapist less than 24 hours in advance, or if you do not show up for an appointment, we may send a no-show bill of up to €100. This bill is not reimbursed by your insurer.

When is therapy not reimbursed?

Non-insured care refers to problems/diagnoses that are not reimbursed by health insurers, called other performance (OVP). You pay for this treatment yourself. This applies to, among other things:

• Adjustment disorders.

• Processing/adjustment problems (burnout).

• Relationship problems, if this is the main diagnosis.

• Assertiveness problems.

• Learning problems.

• Work problems.

• Psychosocial help related to a somatic condition.

Some health insurers reimburse the above problems from supplementary coverage. You can check with your own health insurer whether your treatment is reimbursed.

Dutch Kwaliteitsstatuut

Click here to view our Dutch “Kwaliteitsstatuut”.